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Every organisation does invest in Sales, Marketing, Business Development, Process Management and much more… However the challenge lies in tying them together in a seamless manner? Building Customer Sensitivity and a Customer Centric Organisation is another tussle for any management? There is always ‘that little bit’ that will take your Organisation to the next level and help sustain your efforts! That is where we step in…to ‘Raise Ur Sales’

Our Service Portfolio

Ensuring and Enabling all relevant factors to an improved Sales and a Delighted Customer


BD is a critical function prior to the actual Sales. Creating the right pull factors and ensuring continuous inflow of enquiries becomes the most important pre-sales function for the organisation. Competitor watch and analysis enables the team to be on top. We ensure your BD activities are in the right direction with the right tools for successful Sales


Creating the right Visibility through Traditional and Digital Marketing Routes including strong brand recall. Multilevel strategies to ensure the Sales team is equipped with the right tools and support from the Marketing team to get a good & strong inflow of right enquiries


Appropriate ‘time to market‘ & ‘at the right price’ is what can keep the organisation profitable. Enabling Sales Force to meet and close within a defined timeframe, keeping abreast of technology and be customer centric is very critical. This would include knowing the market trends, setting up the sales metrics, sales planning, multichannel execution, and much more. Our expert resultants understand and work with the teams to ensure their success on field and off field


Ensuring Retention, Penetration & Delighted Customers is again critical to the survival of the organisation. Ensuring CSat improvement through contemporary & time tested methods is core to Raise Ur Sales. Experts will handhold and review CSat / Customer Delight with various internal functions


Raise Ur Sales believes that all functions and departments contribute to the growth of the organisation. We have senior members who will partner in setting up & building upon basic organisational processes including Environment, Health and Safety (Process & Product)


Without the right training at regular intervals the teams would lose their shine and sharpness. Our experts have long training experience to ensure interactive training & coaching to your teams & members. This would also include refresher courses and post training reviews to ensure productivity and performance of the employees is always on the go


Diverse team with an average 18+ years of high experience in various domains and sectors to support you and your teams in going beyond just Sales & Marketing but also bringing in various aspects pertaining to Process and Safety Management


We first understand and review the ‘as is where is’ condition including the expectations of the top management on their growth and strategies. There is no ‘one formula fit all’; we work with the relevant teams to provide with suitable & applicable solutions to ensure the expectations are met…rather exceeded…



We approach issues from a 360° point of view taking into account all the relevant aspects of the challenge. End of the day the customer interacts at various levels and has multiple connects within the vendor organisation. Even if one spoke snaps, it can have a cascading effect on the customer relationship. Raise Ur Sales team has the right mix of team members with diversified expertise so as to enable and facilitate such interactions

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23+ years of experience in B2B and Enterprise level General Management with Domestic & International experience of 22 years in managing Sales, Marketing, P&L, Customer Service, Supply Chain & Entrepreneurship involving growth and start-up organizations. Held senior positions in various industry sectors including Energy Management, Renewable Energy, Product & System Certifications & e-Commerce and more…


Accomplished professional with 25 years of experience in Sales, Marketing having held senior positions at CXO levels in Retail, Certification and Real Estate industries


35 years of Global Experience in Standards & Regulatory requirements across ASEAN, Europe and Asia-Pacific covering roles as a Senior Manager, Project Leader, Team Leader, Resource planner, Business Development and Project Management in various organisations


Yogeel consults with companies in the space of Digital Sales and Asia Pacific Sales Expansion. He has entrepreneurial & cross cultural experience over the last 23 years wherein he played both leadership roles as well as team roles in some large organisations. Yogeel spent the last 13 years with IBM where he set up, led and ran IBM’s Digital & Commercial Sales for Analytics & Big Data across Asia Pacific markets including India, ASEAN, Australia, Korea & China


An experienced Product Safety and Certification professional with experience over 30 years spanning multiple industries and MNCs.Expertise in Operations, Product Safety Conformity, Maintenance- predictive, preventive and breakdown, Captive power generation, Brown and green field projects, Electrical Panel Assembly, Testing, Simulation and commissioning




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+91 98451 66081