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Sustainability in our daily lives…let’s strive to make our lives better !

  • 16th Oct 2016

Every Sunday I go to get some stuff for breakfast from our nearby ‘darshini’ (fast food south Indian restaurants as they are called in Bangalore)…

Business Development & Sales : Same, Similar or ?

  • 10th Dec 2017

Most organisations do not understand the difference between Business Development and Sales

Sustainability in our daily lives, let's strive to make it better !

  • 5th Dec 2017

Our ancestors knew a lot about ‘Sustainability in our daily lives’

Be 'Email' Responsive : Key to personnel engagement

  • 1st Dec 2017

Silence is Gold, but that may not be a case at all times.

Sales : It's all about Patience & Perseverance

  • 29th Nov2017

Persistence and Perseverance of the sales person plays a vital role